Naked Angel

Thanks to for their recent review of NAKED ANGEL:


“First off let me just say, the characters that fill the pages of Naked Angel by Logan Belle are a diverse crowd. This novel has a lot to offer, a great storyline, characters with depth, and a good “bad girl”. “Naked Angel” was a new genre for me and not one of my favorites, but this book completely changed how I feel about the glitz and glamour of the burlesque life onstage. I found that the conflict had me worrying about how things would end for Mallory and Alec.
Now this book is part of a series and there are moments where I was left wondering what had previously happened with these characters. This book could be read out of order, though I would recommend that you start at the beginning of the series with “Blue Angel”. Mallory and Alec were a steaming hot couple that in the beginning and end stole the show. I should also mention that many other characters get their point of view told as well. Nadia Grant is an injured ballerina, Gemma Kole is striving to have a successful clothes designing career, and Violet is a rival dancer and all of these characters and more have their own complex stories to tell. I really enjoyed the flipping between characters because it gave “Naked Angel” a quick and fun pace.
Mallory is now in charge of the new Burlesque club The Painted Lady. She knows how to have a wickedly good time on and off stage, but things are bound to change in this continuation of her and Alec’s life. Alec has been with Mallory for four years and is ready to fully commit to the relationship that they share. He has devised a plan to propose to Mallory onstage in front of the entire burlesque crowd.
When news gets out that The Painted Lady is the hottest new club in town enemies stir and things heat up for all who are involved! Is there any chance for there to be a happy ending, when so many are so close to having it all?”

Empire State of Mind

My (typical) day in New York:

I just handed in a novel and so today was my designated morning of take-care-of neglected items on to-do list. So I had a doctor appointment, and afterwards, walking out onto Madison Avenue, I find crowds of girls taking photos of something. I ask, what’s going on? They tell me “They’re shooting Gossip Girl.”

Next, I go to get my haircut on East 86th Street. There are crowds of people rubber-necking at cops, news vans, and detectives.  I ask, what’s going on? They tell me, “Someone just got stabbed.”

Happy Tuesday on a scorching summer day on the Upper East Side.