Win copy of Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian

Thanks to Francesca at Under the Covers book blog, a copy of Bettie Page Presents: The Librarian is up for grabs.  Below, we discuss Bettie, heroes, and the world’s greatest library…

We are very excited to have back with us today Logan Belle, aka Jamie Brenner.    We had the opportunity to read her latest novel, THE LIBRARIAN, and as with other books we’ve read by her the magic of New York shows through and her writing flows beautifully.  Please welcome her to UTC today!

Hi Logan, welcome to UTC!  Lets talk about your latest release.  I like the elements you’ve added to the same tale we’ve seen repackaged in so many books lately.  How did you come up with your idea for THE LIBRARIAN?

Thanks Francesca! And congrats on the site’s new home – it looks fantastic. The Librarian started with the idea of Bettie Page. I’ve always been more in the Bettie Page camp than the Marilyn Monroe camp – to me Bettie is about a woman owning her sexuality and Marilyn is more about a man’s fantasy. Last year I was in LA and I stumbled on a Bettie Page store in Hollywood. The clothes were fantastic and a beautiful homage to her, and I started thinking about what I could do for her with a novel. And then BDSM started blowing up in fiction, and I realized Bettie was a fetish model when BDSM was not just taboo, the imagery was illegal! She was extremely brave to represent sexuality the way she did. I started imagining a female character who discovers her own sexuality not just through a powerful man, but through the legacy of Bettie Page.  I talked to my agent and partner about the idea, and he sent my first novels, the burlesque trilogy Blue Angel, to one of Bettie’s representatives. Luckily, she loved the books and Bettie Page’s management and estate got on board with doing a novel for Bettie.

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