On Writing: My Writing Process Blog Tour

On Writing: My Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to Ursula Renee for bringing me into this fun blog tour. Ursula is the author of multicultural and historical romances including Sweet Jazz from Wild Rose Press. She is the president of the Romance Writers of America NYC chapter. http://blog.ursularenee.com

 1) What am I working on?

I’m writing a new erotic novel called Dangerous Play. It’s about a pre-med student who goes into hiding after her parents are murdered, and ends up with a brand-new identity…as a dominatrix. Of course, a handsome, irresistible client turns the tables on her, teaching her how to submit, and making it impossible to hide her past.

 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

A lot of books feature women as submissives, but I haven’t read about many women as Dommes. I had a Domme character in my second novel, Fallen Angel, and I wanted to re-visit that and explore it more deeply.

 3) Why do I write what I do?

I believe the way we are in the bedroom tells a lot about who we are outside of it. So I like to explore characters’ sex lives.

 4) How does your writing process work?

I can’t write for long chunks of time. I’m always multi-tasking. So I might write five hundred words, then do a blog post, then write another two hundred. Then Google something for research, like a wardrobe idea or details about setting then write another fifty. I spend nine hours a day in front of the computer, but I write the novels in fits and starts.

Next week (April 7) visit: Mindy Klasky, the author of the Diamond Brides series with PITCH PERFECT on the way March 31.



Diane Kelly, author of the hilarious DEATH &TAXES romantic mystery series, the upcoming Paw Enforcement series, and a light-hearted fantasy romance.”



Now or Never review

Now or Never review

“Now or Never/Now and Forever came recommended to me by several blogging friends and made many reviewers’ Best of 2013 lists for best smexy novella. Mine too (once I finally get the post up! lol). The two books together make a full novel with a very, very satisfying conclusion. As in OMG my chest is tight, hand me a tissue and a vodka milkshake STAT!

Now or Never/Now and Forever is a modern, must read romance for women of all ages. Period. I laughed, I got a little misty eyed, I blushed in places I didn’t know I could blush, and I totally stopped reading at one point early on and contacted the author via email to personally share with her my initial fears and the fact that she now had me convinced I needed this book in movie form, like yesterday! ~Now or Never is romantic, swoony and erotic in the best of ways.”

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