The Gin Lovers

The review blog has a great overview of the e-serial climate right now, including The Gin Lovers. (link to complete article at the end)

“St. Martin’s Press is experimenting with serials. It released The Sweet Life in serialized installments  of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in their 30s.  The success of the serialization has driven the release of more upcoming serials from St. Martins.  Jamie Brenner is authoring The Gin Lovers, a story set in “turbulent and glamorous backdrop of Prohibition and the rise of the jazz age.”  (More here)  Two others are planned: The Heiresses, a YA due out in January, by Allison Rushby, and another by Opal Carew.  Another Sweet Valley High serial may be in the making.

Jamie Brenner loved the flexibility of the e-book format because it allowed her to tell her story in a different way – serializing a novel instead of publishing it all at once. To quote her:

“I love this idea for two reasons: first, it isn’t new at all, but is actually going back to the way Dickens first published Great Expectations.  Secondly, as a longtime fan of daytime dramas and prime time soaps, I was extremely excited by the idea.  I had just finished writing three romances in the traditional way, and I wanted to try this.”

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