On Writing: My Writing Process Blog Tour

On Writing: My Writing Process Blog Tour

Thanks to Ursula Renee for bringing me into this fun blog tour. Ursula is the author of multicultural and historical romances including Sweet Jazz from Wild Rose Press. She is the president of the Romance Writers of America NYC chapter. http://blog.ursularenee.com

 1) What am I working on?

I’m writing a new erotic novel called Dangerous Play. It’s about a pre-med student who goes into hiding after her parents are murdered, and ends up with a brand-new identity…as a dominatrix. Of course, a handsome, irresistible client turns the tables on her, teaching her how to submit, and making it impossible to hide her past.

 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

A lot of books feature women as submissives, but I haven’t read about many women as Dommes. I had a Domme character in my second novel, Fallen Angel, and I wanted to re-visit that and explore it more deeply.

 3) Why do I write what I do?

I believe the way we are in the bedroom tells a lot about who we are outside of it. So I like to explore characters’ sex lives.

 4) How does your writing process work?

I can’t write for long chunks of time. I’m always multi-tasking. So I might write five hundred words, then do a blog post, then write another two hundred. Then Google something for research, like a wardrobe idea or details about setting then write another fifty. I spend nine hours a day in front of the computer, but I write the novels in fits and starts.

Next week (April 7) visit: Mindy Klasky, the author of the Diamond Brides series with PITCH PERFECT on the way March 31.



Diane Kelly, author of the hilarious DEATH &TAXES romantic mystery series, the upcoming Paw Enforcement series, and a light-hearted fantasy romance.”



Now or Never review

Now or Never review

“Now or Never/Now and Forever came recommended to me by several blogging friends and made many reviewers’ Best of 2013 lists for best smexy novella. Mine too (once I finally get the post up! lol). The two books together make a full novel with a very, very satisfying conclusion. As in OMG my chest is tight, hand me a tissue and a vodka milkshake STAT!

Now or Never/Now and Forever is a modern, must read romance for women of all ages. Period. I laughed, I got a little misty eyed, I blushed in places I didn’t know I could blush, and I totally stopped reading at one point early on and contacted the author via email to personally share with her my initial fears and the fact that she now had me convinced I needed this book in movie form, like yesterday! ~Now or Never is romantic, swoony and erotic in the best of ways.”

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

My first New Adult novel, Ruin Me, is coming May 6th from St. Martin’s Press.  Excited to share the cover with you, which debuted on Heroes & Heartbreakers today.

She lives in a world of beauty.

His life is shrouded in darkness. 

When they meet, she must choose between everything she has and the one thing she has always desired.

Lulu Sterling thinks she has it all figured out: with one more year left at NYU, she’s spending her summer interning at her mother’s iconic art gallery, determined to overcome the long shadow of her father’s suicide and prove herself to her critical mother. With her boyfriend, rising artist Brandt Penn, Lulu also hopes she will finally experience the love and desire that have always eluded her. But passion comes where she least expects it in the form of a brilliant, reclusive street artist known only by the tag GoST, and Lulu must decide how much she is willing to risk – and how far she is willing to go — to claim it.

Ruin Me by Jamie Brenner

Happy Valentine’s Day Contest

Happy Valentine’s Day Contest

Enter to win a copy of NOW OR NEVER (A Last Chance Romance) and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a heroine who learns it’s never too late for love.

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Upcoming Event: Heating Things Up at the NYPL

Upcoming Event: Heating Things Up at the NYPL

It’s been a rough few weeks here in frozen NYC, but things are finally heating up! As the author of the erotic novel The Librarian (bringing debauchery to The New York Public Library), I am especially excited to be included in a panel discussion about erotic fiction next Wednesday evening, February 12 at … The New York Public Library. I love full circles.

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The Wait is Over

The Wait is Over

I’m happy to announce that Now and Forever, the sequel to Now or Never and the conclusion to Claire and Justin’s love story, is available today wherever ebooks are sold.


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It’s all fun and games…until someone falls in love.

Claire longed for romance, and it came when she least expected it in the form of a handsome stranger who helped her fulfill a bucket list of sexual fantasies. But Justin made it clear that their night of passion was a one-time thing, and Claire accepted it. Of course something that hot was too good to last!

When Justin comes back for more, it’s Claire’s turn to say no. Opening herself up to sex was one thing. But love? That’s a chance she’s not willing to take. When Justin won’t take no for an answer, she wonders if there is any such thing as happily ever after. And what will it cost her to find out?

First Review of NOW AND FOREVER

First Review of NOW AND FOREVER

With the official pub date right around the corner on Monday, I have my first review of Now and Forever, the conclusion to Claire and Justin’s love story that began in Now or Never.

Here’s what Wendy Crutcher (aka Misadventures of Superlibrarian) has to say:

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Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Now and Forever by Logan Belleis “part two” of a story that started with Now Or Never.  It probably could be read as a stand-alone, but I would not recommend it and actively discourage it.  Because why would you want to deprive yourself of the whole story when that whole story is so amazing?  Belle lays exemplary groundwork in the first novella, and part two is where the real meat and potatoes of the romance is.  Part one gets you hooked and part two gives you the pay-off.

Claire is finally moving forward with her cancer treatment.  While the cancer itself was caught early, Claire discovered she has the faulty BRCA gene.  That means double mastectomy, reconstruction (which she opts for) and an eventual hysterectomy.  So our gal really has no time for a relationship.  She found herself caring for Justin, the playboy who helped her create the “Now or Never” sexual bucket list – but after their one night together, and one of the most gut-wrenching emotional scenes I’veever read, he’s off in the wind.  Or is he?  Because as much as Justin tells himself that he’s not a relationship guy he finds himself unable to stay away from Claire.  The fly in the ointment?  Claire’s not sure this is the time in her life that she should be opening herself up for possible relationship disaster.

I don’t want to imply that Justin was thinly drawn in the first novella, but readers do really only get to know the surface Justin.  The façade he puts on display for the world.  The devil-may-care playboy who trolls AA meetings to pick-up women, the guy who doesn’t have to worry about money because his family has money, the guy who is all surface and flash.  However meeting Claire, spending time with her, and yes – falling in love with her, changes him.  As falling in love tends to do to a person.  The problem is that now he realizes how he feels about her?  Claire is the one running scared.  Not without good reason.  She cares for Justin as well, but she’s got a long road ahead of her.  Does she really want to expose him to all that when keeping their time together in a perfect, pristine, bubble – protected from the messiness of her health situation – is more attractive?  She doesn’t want Justin to think of her “like that” – with her breasts gone, sporting drainage tubes, in pain, and getting her chest expanded in preparation for reconstruction.  Justin has proven in the past that when life gets messy he runs.  Clare doesn’t think she could survive him running, so why not cut him off at the knees now?

It’s all very complicated.  However complications are funny things.  Sometimes people make things more complicated than they need to be because they’re scared.  And that’s our Claire.  She’s scared.  Justin has to prove to her she doesn’t have to be scared – but that’s not easy to do when she seems determined to push him away.

The secondary characters also add a nice dimension, and Belle introduces some new players that were footnotes in the first story.  Readers get to meet the delightful Max, Claire’s only son now off at college, and none too pleased his mother kept her health issues a secret for so long.  Also, Justin’s completely jacked-up family situation comes into play – with a domineering father, a clinically depressed mother, and wastrel brother.  This really helps further develop Justin as more than a pretty-faced-playboy and molds him into someone more hero-worthy.

While the first novella was all about the heroine’s journey, this story gives readers a more finely focused, traditional, romantic story arc.  Justin proves himself, and Claire learns to take a leap of faith.  I didn’t love this quite as much as the first novella (which, honestly, was the best kind of emotional gut-punch for me) but this second novella is where these characters firmly cement themselves in my mind as “real people.”  Which, of course, they aren’t.  I know that.  But when a fictional story tricks me into thinking they are real?  We have a winner.

Final Grade = A-

“The good and the great…”

“The good and the great…”

NOW OR NEVER is on Wendy Crutcher (aka Misadventures of Superlibrarian’s) Year in Review: The Good and the Great. And I’m in some pretty amazing company. Thank you, Wendy!

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“Put a wedding in it.”

“Put a wedding in it.”

My agent once told me that when it comes to making a good story great, sometimes you just have to “put a wedding in it.”  Yesterday, I married him.flowers

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

Highlight of break: American Hustle.  Amy Adams, never knew you had it in you.

Aside from that, spent much time this past week gearing up for the publication of Now and Forever on January 20th. It’s the conclusion of Claire and Justin’s story, and from what my early readers are telling me, it will not disappoint :) Cover reveal coming soon.

More news hustlenext week. For now, just wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2014.