My Romance with Bond

As seen on Heroes & Heartbreakers:

I’m counting the days until Skyfall hits movie theaters and I’m reunited with my first hero, Bond—James Bond…

Growing up, while other girls my age were hanging posters of Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon, my romantic ideal was Roger Moore, a British guy who was five times my age. I blame my parents, who brought me to every Bond film from the time I was in elementary school. I don’t know if my parents thought that “love ’em and leave ’em” Bond was an appropriate male example for me at age, oh, I don’t know—seven. Maybe they just didn’t feel like paying for a babysitter.

Either way, when a Bond film came out, I was there.

It took many films for me to realize that I was supposed to care about Bond catching the criminals and saving the world. For years (okay, still) all I cared about was Bond’s relationship with the woman du jour. The spark of that romance, no matter how brief the encounter, no matter how cheesy (this was the ’80s, after all), is how I rate Bond films.

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