Upcoming Event: Heating Things Up at the NYPL

Upcoming Event: Heating Things Up at the NYPL

It’s been a rough few weeks here in frozen NYC, but things are finally heating up! As the author of the erotic novel The Librarian (bringing debauchery to The New York Public Library), I am especially excited to be included in a panel discussion about erotic fiction next Wednesday evening, February 12 at … The New York Public Library. I love full circles.

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Talking books, sex, and e-serials with Hello Giggles

I had a great chat with Deanna Raphael of Hello Giggles a few weeks ago. This a bit of our girl talk…

“I got to sit and sip coffee with the lovely and intriguing Jamie Brenner, author of The Gin LoversBettie Page Presents: The Librarian and the brand new eSeries Miss Chatterley.  Jamie Brenner also writes under the pen name Logan Belle. Kind of like when Beyoncé goes from regular Beyoncé to Sasha Fierce. Things just get hotter.

Before reading Jamie’s work, my only experience with erotic novels was the 50 Shades series. I devoured those books, wrapped them in brown paper and delivered them to friends and friends of friends in some Harriet Tubman type underground railroad situation. I was definitely primed for the erotic fiction genre. But what Ilove about Jamie’s books is not only that they’re super sexy but they offer compelling characters that live in complete and detailed worlds.

We chatted about the exciting advent of eSerials, what lead her into the erotic fiction genre, and about her plan of attack when she begins the journey of writing a book.”

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