Talking to USA Today’s Happy Ever After

Today I talk to Joyce Lamb at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog about my new ebook NOW OR NEVER, and the one thing Miley got wrong:

“When Miley Cyrus told Matt Lauer on theToday show that people over age 40 don’t have sex, I couldn’t blame her. As an erotic romance novelist, I haven’t exactly done my part to advance the message that women can (and do) have great sex in their 40s. Until now, all of my romances featured the erotic adventures of women in their 20s. Sure, I’d considered writing a more mature heroine. But I kept putting it off to delve into the angst of our post-college lives. How could later adulthood compete with that drama?

I was about to find out….” Read complete article at USA Today/ Happy Ever After


Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

I am so honored to be invited to participate in Westchester’s acclaimed literary salon Spoken Interludes.  I’ll be reading and signing The Gin Lovers on October 23, along with authors Michael Korda and Jayne Ann Phillips.

Details hereinterludes. I’ve been to this salon several times to see my favorite authors, and it’s an incredible evening if you can make it!