“The good and the great…”

“The good and the great…”

NOW OR NEVER is on Wendy Crutcher (aka Misadventures of Superlibrarian’s) Year in Review: The Good and the Great. And I’m in some pretty amazing company. Thank you, Wendy!

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“Can collaborators of sexual fantasy remain just friends?”

Melissa Bartolone of Literary Vixens reviews NOW OR NEVER:

Claire is a devoted single mother who consistently put her son’s needs ahead of her own; but when her son Max packs up and heads off to college she realizes she has a lot of catching up to do.  Unfortunately, just when Claire is ready to start living and loving again, she is hit with a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.  While Claire believes she’s handling her situation well, her best friend Patti disagrees and urges her to join a survivor support group.  Things get interesting when she unwittingly sits in on an erotic reading group where she meets the devilishly good looking Justin who takes her under his sexy wing.  Together they create a “sexual bucket list” to get her out of her slump and help her make up for lost time.  Can these two collaborators of sexual fantasy stay “just friends?”

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